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How te get the Vaccine Passport ? an ultimate guide

After Covid vaccines discovered, a new term come to our countries call (Vaccine Passport), what is it? How to get it?

Many countries over the world started to provide it to their people, one of those countries are Scotland.

How te get a Vaccine Passport ?
Covid Vaccine Passport example

The Scottish government suggested a plan in the previous week but unfortunately it had to wait the parliament to vote on it.

Nicola sturgeon wants to help Scotland to survive from the pandemics and she said that other European countries are work also on creating the passport and she’s believing that vaccine Passport can help the country to survive.

Despite the conservatives, Lib Dem and Labour MSPs voting against bill, the SNP and the other majority they were enough to ensure that the Covid vaccine Passport will be used in certain settings in their Homeland Scotland.

Here are latest new on when this passport introduced and when you will need to use it in Scotland.

What’s a vaccine Passport?

It happens when you need to enter certain places and they ask you, are you vaccinated? Here you will need a prove to prove for them that you are vaccinated.

The Covid vaccine Passport will provide you that proof and it will let you go anywhere easily without restrictions.

It will be in PDF downloadable version or a paper copy that can be used anywhere everywhere.

When will you need it in Scotland?

Passport is needed in the following settings:

1- Night clubs

2- Any gathering like indoor live events with 500 people unseated

3- And huge gathering of people about 10,000 persons anywhere

4- Any outdoor live event of unseated 4000 persons

Who will not a candidate for Covid Vaccine Passport ?

1- Anyone under 16 years old.

2- Those who have a medical condition and they are not allowed to get the vaccine.

3- Participant in vaccination trials .

we suggest that all countries should work to do it and also we congratulate Malaysia for lunching their COVIDNOW project and we hope to see both project in every country

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